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Carriers and Bags

Dog bags are essential part of taking care after your dog, a way to reduce the amount of stress and possible discomfort for your small canine friend.  

Contrary to the opinion of people who have never owned a dog in their life, bags for dogs are not just a fashion accessory. They are designed by dog lovers and for dogs. 

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Carriers for dogs often serve as…

a  portable private space

Many small breeds tend to get very stressed about sudden change of their environment or too many people in one room. Also, there is always a risk for your dog: it may get harmed by other dogs, heckled by children or just accidentally hurt. Inside of a dog carrier, your dog will feel calm and safe, allowing you both to enjoy your trip.

a solution for public places

Suppose you want to pay a visit to your favorite coffee shop and have your daily latte while walking your dog, but the coffee shop does not allow dogs. What are you going to do? Many dog owners are anxious about leaving their dogs outside and, sadly, for a good reason. There are too many ill-meaning people and aggressive animals on the streets and you do not want to take any chances. However, if your have a small dog and a comfortable carrier, you don’t have to. Let your canine companion hop into the bag and go grab your coffee!

a vital traveling element

Are you going to fly abroad with your dog? Going somewhere by train? Keep in mind that all airlines and transporting rules highlight the importance of having a special travel carrier for your pet. This practice secures your dog’s comfort and quick, convenient trip.

Have your dog prepared for any journey! best dog carriers

Your small dog counts on you to keep it safe. Acquire a portable small sanctuary to help your friend feel comfortable during bumpy trips, rides in the public transport or spending time in loud public places. We at present you a wide carriers selection to fit any purpose:

  • Purse carriers for tiny dogs;
  • Soft and expandable bags over the shoulder;
  • Wheeled carriers to ensure your dog’s comfort during travels;
  • Many other models for motorcycle, bike and car trips.

Get a practical stylish bag for your teacup dog

Keeping an eye on the hottest tendencies, we regularly update our assortment.  Find quilted dog carriers and bags made of nylon, stylish faux leather and other safe, durable materials. The quality will remain the same: all models presented by are made by well-known brands that comply with all safety standards.

Let your friend see the world with you!

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