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Puppychic is Europe's fashion wardrobe for your dog.

At Puppychic we are certain that your furry friend wants to be no less elegant than you. Dogs are not just pets, they are our faithful companions and we want them always to be with us. Surely you too want to have your dog with you during a walk or when going to the home of friends. Our dog clothing changes your little friend completely by giving him a special charm. Designers create apparel for dogs of various styles and colors outlining a new trend in the fashion world.


Order exclusive clothing for dogs online and soon your pet can soon boast a new stile.

On our site you will find beautiful and very comfortable dog clothes for small and mid-sized dogs. Imagine how happy your beloved dog will be on his walks. The practical dog coats protect your doggy from the cold, and waterproof dog coats are irreplaceable when the weather is wet. Take care of your dog's health, because it is the key to his and your happiness.

Besides the dog clothing for everyday, our catalog offers many variations of dog apparel. If you go to a party or a dinner, take your pet with you! Choose for your little dog a spectacular dog dress, compatible with your image, and looks full of excitement are guaranteed!

We sell online pet fashion clothing for dachshunds, pugs, Maltese, yorkie, chihuahua, shih tzu, poodle, maltipoo and other dog breeds.

Your little friend must feel fashionable as a real star. He will look quite unique, even in the rain, when he dresses at! We are carefully following the latest trends in Italian pet fashion and clothing for dogs and know exactly how to satisfy you and your pet.

The ceremonial clothing for dogs make your doggie look extraordinary. The variety of daily attires will surprise you: dog coats for dogs that protect against cold, dog jumpers for dogs that are irreplaceable while traveling, dog jackets for dogs that make your doggy an unparalleled dandy. If you make combinations of various items in our catalog, you will see that pet fashion can be attuned to your own style. Here you will find for yourself a chance to become a designer and to show everyone that you care about your little furry friend.

We carefully check the quality of our products according to international standards, and we do our best to meet your beloved animals needs and expectations.

In the site you can buy online dog apparel as: dog sweaters, dog sweatshirts, dog dresses, dog jackets, dog coats, dog hoodies, dog pajamas and even underwear for her and for him. Dog clothing for all seasons and all weather conditions.


All clothing items are available in different sizes ranging from XXXS to 5XL. If you do not know the size of your dog, do not worry. Every model has its own size chart. The only thing you have to do is take the right measurements and compare them to the size chart. The new clothing will be ideal for your doggie!

  1. T-shirts and Tanks (32)
  2. Jumpers (25)
  3. Dresses (22)
  4. Sweaters (60)
  5. Hoodies and Sweatshirts (44)
  6. Raincoats (17)
  7. Jackets and Coats (57)
  8. Dog shoes (5)
  9. Pajamas (25)
  10. Undergarments (8)
  11. Jewelry (2)
  12. Caps and Hats (10)
  13. Bandanas and scarfs (3)
  14. Accessories (30)
  1. €0.00 - €99.99 (277)
  2. €100.00 - €199.99 (9)
  3. €200.00 and above (1)
  1. Alqo Wasi Alqo Wasi (5)
  2. Babydog Boutique Babydog Boutique (12)
  3. Borishouse Borishouse (2)
  4. BowMiu BowMiu (7)
  5. Canada Pooch Canada Pooch (6)
  6. Charlotte's Dress Charlotte's Dress (33)
  7. Cose e Persone Cose e Persone (1)
  8. Distinguersi Distinguersi (3)
  9. Dogs of Glamour Dogs of Glamour (7)
  10. For Pets Only For Pets Only (2)
  11. I Love My Dog I Love My Dog (49)
  12. Inamorada Inamorada (2)
  13. Kinggos Kinggos (17)
  14. Louisdog Louisdog (29)
  15. Milk & Pepper Milk & Pepper (38)
  16. Monchouchou Monchouchou (6)
  17. Oops! My Dog Oops! My Dog (12)
  18. Pinkaholic New York Pinkaholic New York (3)
  19. Pretty Pet Pretty Pet (2)
  20. Puppia Puppia (2)
  21. Puppy Angel Puppy Angel (2)
  22. Trilly tutti Brilli Trilly tutti Brilli (40)
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