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How my idea became a solid reality



I approached the world of dogs because of Maggie, a wonderful golden retriever. Maggie turned out to be a true family pet, loved by all of us.

And I, who have always loved cats and always used to have a certain fear of dogs, found myself spending every moment of my free time with Maggie, in the park, walking around town and even attending obedience classes.She became a very important member of our family.



Then, sadly, one day, Maggie left me, leaving an incredible void. The love that a dog can give is impossible to describe.After just two months I couldn’t take it anymore and I said to myself “I am never going to be without a dog in my life again”.And so, onto the scene came Heidi, a really sweet Chihuahua who follows me everywhere.

Her character, her needs, her elegant personality combined with my passion for fashion drove me to look for accessories and articles of the highest quality, both for her care and her beauty, that would make every day even more special.

Entering into this world has made me even more passionate. I discovered that we can spoil our tiny friends with extremely convenient accessories that are also enjoyable and elegant.

My curiosity drove me to carry out such detailed and demanding research that in the end I decided to open my own pet boutique in Ferrara Italy that is entirely dedicated to our small four-legged friends, those marvelous creatures that occupy our days and our hearts.



What I didn’t want to do, however, was to deny those living outside of Ferrara the possibility of buying excellent products for their tiny companions. And so I decided to include an e-commerce site as part of my retail venture, from where they could purchase the same, competitively priced articles.

 So why not, indeed? Let’s spoil our pets and keep them looking trendy!!!

 And that is how my adventure began!



Chiara Giorgi

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